All about me titanfall


Ive been gameing for a few yaers, like scince 2011, and ive gotten better at it over the years, i man im really good not brag. Anyways im a big fan of xbox as well, like ijust got the xboxone s for christmas and i like the system alot.the games i got withit were Titanfall 2, and gaers of war 4, the gears came with the xbox. .

I remember the first game ive ever played on xbox was Lego Batamn 2 on the 360. and i know what your thinging lego really but i waas young and i had a big box of the stuff.then i got halo 4 the day it launch and ive like the game ever scince, i still play to this day because it was so fun but now 343 doesnt look at the game people are moding or hacking. if you want my gamertag its down below. caligamer92.

all about me